Memory Divider X
MDX = malloc() + free() + Garbage Collection
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
MemoryDividerX::MDXConfigurationThe MDXConfiguration structure gathers together all the configuration information for an MDXPool
MemoryDividerX::MDXFlagsA structure used for requesting the flags associated with an already allocated memory block. Used in bulk operations
MemoryDividerX::MDXInterceptHandlerImplement this interface to provide an intercept free callback
MemoryDividerX::MDXLenA structure used for requesting the length of an already allocated memory block. Used in bulk operations
MemoryDividerX::MDXLongMallocA structure describing a single memory block request and its flags. Used in bulk operations
MemoryDividerX::MDXMarkingHandlerImplement this interface to provide a marking callback
MemoryDividerX::MDXPoolAn MDXPool object represents a pool of memory from which blocks can be allocated
MemoryDividerX::MDXShortMallocA structure describing one memory block request. Used in bulk operations
MemoryDividerX::MDXStatisticsA structure to receive usage statistics, such as ammounts of memory allocated, and current garbage collection thresholds
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